Arsenic Album

Arsenic Album Homeopathic medicine

Arsenic Album

Arsenic Album(Arsenic. Alb.) is a common remedy for both acute and chronic problems. It found in homeopathic kits for good reason.

Arsenic treats a variety of issues. It’s including tiredness due to anemia or asthma. Also, weakness, restlessness, burning pains, irritating discharges. And food poisoning, indigestion, diarrhea and gastroenteritis. That from over consumption of ripe produce. Similarly, excess alcohol, mouth ulcers, asthma, headaches. It’s with dizziness or vomiting. In addition, fluid retention especially around extremities.

What is Arsenic Album?

Arsenic is homoeopathic medicine. That prepared from the potentiating of arsenic trioxide. Arsenic trioxide is said to be a poisonous substance. But after its potentiating, it becomes non-poisonous. Due to its minimal quantity which is not even traceable. This medicine has been proved upon healthy human beings. Also, been tested clinically. Arsenic album is the Homeopathy medicine. It’s for immunity booster.

Arsenic Album

Arsenic is commonly used for:

Cold’s and Flu:

Arsenic is useful for colds. That leave you exhausted with burning mucous. And skin around the nostrils that is red and sore. It helps the mucous membranes of the respiratory and digestive systems. Arsenic is beneficial for hay fever. It’s with sneezing, coughing and watery, burning secretions. Arsenic used for illness. Similarly, Flu with diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, burning in stomach.

Intestinal Distress:

It used for food poisoning. Also, can help with indigestion and heartburn. It can be used to relieve burning in rectum, involuntary diarrhea. With frequent and burning stools and is useful for Colitis. That is worse after midnight. Arsenic used when symptoms include burning sensations, burning discharges. Arsenic relieves symptoms that burn yet improved by heat application.

In addition, relieves feeling anxious and restless. Arsenic helps when one desires small sips of water.

Skin Complaints:

Arsenic considered an important skin remedy. It is helpful in various skin ailments. Such as psoriasis, flaky scalp, and dry eczema.

Arsenic Materia Medical:

Anxiety: Anxious & restless. Moves about all the time. Thinks it’s worthless to take remedy.

Asthma: Shortness of breath. Feeling of suffocation on lying down; Onset midnight or after.

Colds: Profuse, burning, watery nasal discharge with sneezing. In addition, irritating nose & upper lip, eyes & nose red. And cold tends to go down into chest.

Diarrhea: Scanty, dark, offensive stool with burning pain in anus. Followed by great weakness. After eating or drinking from many fruit or iced drinks.

Eyes: Aching, burning and shooting pains in the eyes. Watering eyes worse in bright light or motion. Pink eye- red, swollen. Granulated lids; tears hot & burning with intense aversion to light.

Flu: Chilly, restless, anxious, peevish. And prostrated, fears death, burning pains relieved by heat. In addition, thirsty for sips of cold water, red-hot, needle-like pains. Feels as if ice-water or boiling water running through veins.

Food Poisoning: Prime remedies in ptomaine poisoning. Especially after tainted meat or spoiled food. Vomiting & purging, “going both ways at once”.

Skin: Top remedy for skin ailments-psoriasis, flakey scalp, dry eczema. Symptoms that burn yet improved by heat application. Feels better in the summer. Children who have skin that is dry and rough. Symptoms are often worse on the right side, with cold applications, and after eating offending foods or drinking alcohol. Itching, burning, swelling, skin eruptions. Dry, scaly skin.

Sore Throat: Burning in pharynx; difficulty swallowing; thirsty for sips of cold water, but stomach intolerant.

Stomach: Indigestion, heartburn with burning. Difficulty swallowing; with nausea & intense thirst, vomiting simultaneous with diarrhea.

Benefits of Arsenic album as stated by the authoritative literature.

This medicine is chosen as per the logic that it can treat flu-like illness successfully and the covers the mental sphere (mentioned earlier) of the people. Hence, it covers the physical domain as well as the cognitive domain of symptoms possessed by people. Also, it is a known fact that it helps to improve the immunity of the persons if the symptoms correspond. By raising our immunity, it helps our body to fight off the virus easily and refrains from developing the symptoms in the body. Arsenic album is an immunity booster medicine. Hence, Arsenic album and corona can be called as foes.

Following are the symptoms for which Arsenic album is indicated in general:

At the mental sphere: When a person has a fear of death. And fear of left alone. It can give. Its accompanied by cold sweat. He thinks that it’s useless to take medicine. Sensitive to disorder and confusion.

At the physical sphere: For thin, watery, excoriating discharge. Nose feels stopped up. For sneezing without relief. Unable to lie down due to fear of suffocation. For constricted air-passages and suffocation catarrh. Cough which worsens after midnight and on lying on the back. Scanty and frothy expectoration. When there is hemoptysis. With pain between shoulders and burning heat all over the body, it can give.


Arsenic album 30, daily once in empty stomach for three days. The dose should repeat after one month. By following the same schedule.


Arsenic album is a homeopathic medicine. That prepared from the potentiating of arsenic oxide. According to the previous successful history of prevention. In the past epidemic occurrence. According to the mode of action of Homeopathic drugs. There is the scope of treatment and prevention by Homeopathic medicines.

Arsenic album has been chosen. Aptly as a homeopathic prophylactic remedy. Various state governments of India. They have tested its efficacy with successful results. In other words, Arsenic album can called as an immunity booster medicine.

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