AYU VIGO FORTE 60 Capsules





An effective performance enhancer for men, Ayu Vigo Forte 60 capsules are a rejuvenating and energizing herbal dietary supplement. This powerful Ayurvedic formulation is the blend of natural ingredients, including Mucuna prurita extract, Sida cordifolia, Asteracantha longifolia, Asparagus adscendens, Pueraria tuberosa extract,Convolvulus pluricaulis, Withania somnifera extract, Tribulus Terrestris extract, Asparagus racemosus extract, Emblica officinalis, Anacyclus pyrethrum, Shilajeet, Piper longum, and Myristica fragrans.

Ayu vigo Capsules are used to boost immunity, vitality, physical strength, & stamina, improve sexual performance & sperm count, and get rid of different age-related symptoms. These capsules are beneficial for improving endurance, tolerance and compatibility during stressful states and enhancing the body’s resistance to infections. Ayuvigo Capsules can also improve performance in activities that require coordination, skill, concentration, memory, and learning. You can say these capsules are perfect for maintaining a healthy body and mind.

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