• MULTI MECHANISM HAIR GROWTH – This unique hair growth serum actions multiple mechanisms to promote hair growth and stop hair loss, utilizing an infused combination of active ingredients
  • DHT BLOCKER FOR ANTI HAIR LOSS – The serum stops hair loss at the source, with direct DHT blocking from a concentrated level of several 5AR inhibitors (stopping the ‘hair loss hormone’)
  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS – This all natural formula prevents hair loss with no side effects and is even more powerful than ever before, only needing to be used once a day
  • ALL HAIR TYPES, FOR MEN & WOMEN – It is an effective, safe hair growth serum for men and women with normal, fine or thinning hair, as well as a treatment for receding hairlines and patterned baldness
  • MADE HERE IN THE USA – Hair Genesis serum is a product of unparalleled quality, made here in the USA by an FDA approved facility and is subject to in depth scientific research from a US University based team

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This new generation, highly sophisticated formula is one of the best hair serums for hair loss and regrowth. Now equipped with a dual mechanism of action, it is a novel and proprietary delivery system employed to facilitate efficient phospholipid vesicle suspension and to optimize membrane transport in the follicle. This unique combination actions hair regrowth and anti hair loss in ways previously unseen from both natural and drug based treatments.

HairGenesis is unique because it has a 100% safety profile of a naturally-derived set of formulas, backed with levels of scientific validation otherwise only found in the drug-based hair loss treatment products. The strengthened, newly improved half life characteristics of the anti hair loss serum means that it is even more effective, only needing to be applied to the scalp once a day. This outperforms other serums that require application twice a day.

As a hair growth serum with protein, it utilizes a form of the amino acid L carnitine tartrate, combined with proprietary sub constituents, including R thioctic acid, beta-sitosterol and LSESr. Simply apply the serum directly to the scalp once a day for effective, intense, direct DHT blocking at the source.

Proven effective on different hair types across all ethnicities, it is an ideal hair growth serum for thinning hair, fine hair and hair loss. Its pleasant smell and non tacky feel makes the serum comfortable to apply and an ideal choice of hair growth serum for women and men who want a prestige, inconspicuous finish. It is an effective treatment for receding hairlines and patterned baldness.

HairGenesis serum is made in the USA by an FDA approved facility, as well as undergoing placebo controlled and multiple peer reviewed, university based studies here in the US. HairGenesis has unparalleled evidence of safety and efficacy. The serum is a unique innovation in the hair regrowth industry that brings exceptional results.


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