Enterogermina Oral Suspension 10 Vials



Your child’s gut flora is constantly put to task for reasons like seasonal changes, dietary changes or consequences of antibiotic therapy. It’s important to maintain the balance of this bacterial flora because 70% of the body’s immunity lies in the gut. In this regard, Enterogermina® 2 billion probiotic for kids –

  • Maintains the right kind of gut flora balance
  • Restores internal bacterial balance to help improve immunity
  • Provides gentle gut care for your child
  • Helps in restoring the natural balance of gut bacteria
  • Addresses the root cause of digestive troubles such as diarrhoea and the like and promotes faster return of bacterial balance in the gut.
  • Contributes to correct dysvitaminosis- which is the imbalance of production and assimilation of vitamins
  • Works as effective diarrhoea management


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