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About EvexFelipoEvexFelipo

EvexFelipo is innovative new generation of Liposomal Iron that ensures high absorption and Bioavailability of Iron. Iron is essential nutrient for pregnant women, adults and children. Iron deficiency leads to fatigue, tiredness and low immunity. EvexFelipo contains Vitamin C that improves the absorption of Iron by stomach.

EvexFelipo with innovative Liposomal Iron formula ensures:

  • No metallic taste
  • No digestive tract irritation
  • No constipation

Why EvexFeLipoEvexFeLipo

  • EvexFeLipo ensures high efficacy and bioavailability of Iron, guaranteeing optimal daily Iron intake.
  • Ideal Iron and Vitamin C ratio, which optimizes the absorption of Iron and prevents constipation, a side effect usually associated with traditional Iron supplements.
  • EvexFelipo uses Liposomes, an innovative new generation of drug delivery system that relies on double-lipid layer coating, resulting in no gastric discomfort or reflux and is capable of passing through the acidic gastric environment to reach the small intestine, where it is absorbed.
  • Manufactured in Canada by a GMP-certified facility; guaranteed quality and potency.


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