Otrivin Nasal Spray For Children 10 ml



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  • Otrivin 0.05% Pediatric Metered Dose Spray contains xylometazoline hydrochloride, the number one nasal decongestant. It rapidly relieves nasal congestion by locally constricting blood vessels in the nasal mucosa, reducing the swelling and opening the airways. It also facilitates drainage of the openings that connect the sinuses to the nasal cavity to ensure they remain open.

    For children aged 2 to 11 years, spray once into each nostril 1-2 times a day. Do not exceed 3 applications per day. The metered‐dose spray permits accuracy of dosage and ensures the solution is well distributed over the surface of the nasal mucosa. Only use under adult supervision.

    Detailed instructions:

    1. Clear the nose by blowing gently.
    2. Shake the bottle.
    3. Hold the bottle upright. When using for the first time, prime with a few pumping motions until an even spray is achieved.
    4. Lean the child’s head forward slightly and insert the nozzle into a nostril.
    5. Spray while breathing in gently, then repeat process for the other nostril.

    We suggest not blowing the nose for the first few minutes after use to allow the medicine to start working.


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