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Today was presented REVIFAST®CARDIO the new S&R Farmaceutici product, result of the Research&Development department, which enriches the already wide therapeutic range.
REVIFAST®CARDIO based on Revifast®, the Revolutionary and patented Resveratrol with high bioavailability, finally allows to make the most of the great therapeutic potential in the cardiovascular field of one of the most promising and studied natural bioactive molecules.
Revifast® exceeds the solubility problems of resveratrol, greatly increasing the speed of dissolution and therefore the bioavailability. The improved solubility of Revifast® is reflected in a significant increase in the plasma concentration of the polyphenol, which shows, in respect to Resveratrol, tout court:
• 3,3 times more bioavailable
• Plasma peak levels superior by 30%
• Residence time in the plasma, 4 times greater
REVIFAST®CARDIO combines, also, all the benefits of Resveratrol with the effective action of Monacolin K which allows to significantly reduce the levels of Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides and LDL Cholesterol, without inducing changes in liver, kidney or muscle function, and in blood sugar levels.
REVIFAST®CARDIO with its unique and innovative features, presents itself as the new ally in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases


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